Sofapop from the realm of art, denmark, fashion brand of fashion retail concept. to provide for your health and happiness for your visual provide; after the international art home of the sofa, furniture, ornaments, jewelries, etc, full of romantic the scandinavian folklore, a note of the modern fashion, unique to the taste of your offer creative solutions.

Sofapop's chinese ceo that simon lichtenberg:"we in the home of the proceedings were conducted in the living room, we held in the family, friends together. so for most of the family, the whole family is the core of all the room is the most important that most exemplifies the master's character, and the meaning of life. And sofapop`s mission is to be assigned to the experts to help design reflects your own taste and individuality of the living room. our work is to keep you room became beautiful and special, let's really reflect your attitude towards life and understanding. "

WWW. and entities. net business to show you to synchronize our design and quality. wherever you, the nearest shop for purchase or web site and, in our shops in the salesperson help you with the design and products. (to meet various customer actual demand, we provide the department store flagship store and online sales two sales or convenient, comfortable, or by your choice.) Pursuing quality, the pursuit of luxuries, the pursue are not always, pursue with the international arts master, the pursuit of the dream of living. sofapop light is not just your living room, denmark in the infinite.